Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good Storm Water Management Solutions Work as a Team, Not Individually

When it comes to effective storm water management, every bit of useful technology helps. As StormChamber® rain barrels work their magic underground, surface solutions such as rain gardens can also do their part. With storm water management solutions placed strategically, commercial establishments and public spaces can go a long way toward mitigating flood risks. Rain barrels are also great for the retention and distribution of potable water. Consequently, businesses equipped with storm water management solutions that filter the runoff and render it fit for reusing can also save on their water bills. Finally, people appreciate a business that is committed to caring for the environment by following stormwater best management practices.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Outstanding Stormwater BMPs: Turning Water Problems into Solutions

Rain barrels don't have moving parts, which offers a cost advantage. Filtration happens by harnessing the tendency of dirt and other particles to settle out of solution, a process called sedimentation. Many academic institutions have touted StormChamber®'s ability to remove large swathes of contaminants and make the runoff reusable for residential and commercial applications. While a top-quality stormwater BMP may come at a cost, the long-term benefits are worth the installation cost. Contaminated storm water, after all, can threaten the welfare of countless residents. With efficient storm water containment and filtration solutions, more people can look forward to a greener America.