Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Better Storm Water Management: A Necessity in the State of California

According to a study conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, natural oceanic and atmospheric patterns—and not global warming—are to blame for the massive drought that California is currently experiencing. The study suggests that a naturally-induced high pressure area off the West Coast, coupled with sea surface temperature patterns, has blocked rain-bearing storms from making landfall in the state. Now’s the time to prepare Regardless of what’s causing the current California drought, one thing’s for sure: it’s been months since some parts of California have gotten rain, and that is indeed worrisome. There is, however, one topic that seems to have been left on the backburner: the drought is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming rainy season, and in turn, prepare for similarly severe droughts in the future.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ending California's Extended Dry Spell with Adequate Stormwater BMP

For a state that uses more water than it can provide, California is treading on perilous parched grounds. Although its key reservoirs can deliver water by the trillions of liters every year, the state uses billions every day. Add the ongoing drought and economic growth and you have one of the largest water supply systems in the U.S. pushed to the limit. SoCal takes the brunt of the state's water supply problem. To sustain the growth of cities such as Los Angeles and Sacramento, utilities providers have to import water from either up north or the Colorado River next door. Sixty percent of Los Angeles County's water supply is imported from these places, reports Steve Scauzillo of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Stormwater Solutions—Growing Need for Stormwater Infiltration Systems

Storm water infiltration technologies allow water to infiltrate the soil, effectively eliminating water runoff. In addition, they can be integrated with other systems to filter out harmful pollutants and contaminants, allowing only clean water to pass through. This way, rainwater reaches the earth as it naturally would, thereby refilling aquifers and allowing the natural cycle of water to continue. High-quality storm water infiltration systems and other top-of-the line storm water solutions are sold by established manufacturers like HydroLogic Solutions.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stormwater Systems Can Effectively Eliminate Pollutants from Runoff

Motor oil floating and swirling on water may be a mesmerizing sight, but it can be harmful to the environment. A 1-acre parking lot generally collects about 4 gallons of motor oil in a year. Most will find its way into the stormwater system, eventually polluting streams, rivers and lakes. In many developed locations, stormwater runoff is the biggest source of water pollution. How efficient is your storm water system? Basic stormwater systems make use of drains, gutters, and sewers to transport rainwater from residential and business areas to nearby bodies of water and prevent an area from flooding and the associated damage it incurs. Unfortunately, with an inefficient system, any litter, debris, and other pollution will flow with the water. Stopping this pollution at its source is critical to maintaining the health of existing natural waterways and the communities that benefit from them. For this reason, stormwater systems need to be enhanced, as necessary, to enable better funct

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good Storm Water Management Solutions Work as a Team, Not Individually

When it comes to effective storm water management, every bit of useful technology helps. As StormChamber® rain barrels work their magic underground, surface solutions such as rain gardens can also do their part. With storm water management solutions placed strategically, commercial establishments and public spaces can go a long way toward mitigating flood risks. Rain barrels are also great for the retention and distribution of potable water. Consequently, businesses equipped with storm water management solutions that filter the runoff and render it fit for reusing can also save on their water bills. Finally, people appreciate a business that is committed to caring for the environment by following stormwater best management practices.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Outstanding Stormwater BMPs: Turning Water Problems into Solutions

Rain barrels don't have moving parts, which offers a cost advantage. Filtration happens by harnessing the tendency of dirt and other particles to settle out of solution, a process called sedimentation. Many academic institutions have touted StormChamber®'s ability to remove large swathes of contaminants and make the runoff reusable for residential and commercial applications. While a top-quality stormwater BMP may come at a cost, the long-term benefits are worth the installation cost. Contaminated storm water, after all, can threaten the welfare of countless residents. With efficient storm water containment and filtration solutions, more people can look forward to a greener America.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Effective Stormwater Solutions: What Planners Need to Watch Out For

Now that SB 985 has been passed into law, California can expect to see a number of stormwater management projects taking place in the near future. The Natural Resources Defense Council has named the South Coast and the Bay Area as the best places to establish such projects, at present. Though, once additional research has been carried out, other regions could prove to be just as promising. Fortunately for developers and government officials, there’s no shortage of commercial stormwater systems that can meet (or even exceed) their expectations, like StormChamber® and SedimenTrap™.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lack of Efficient Stormwater Systems Can Lead to Serious Consequences

The penalties may sound a bit stiff but the water board is only carrying out its duties, as mandated by the federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act). This legislation is quite strict, stating that stormwater systems in every state should be designed to minimize erosion and sediment discharge, along with other criteria needing to be met for the public’s safety. Scientifically developed systems like StormChamber’s SedimenTrap™ can help meet such strict criteria with better efficiency. This kind of system catches sediment, pollutants, and particulates from storm runoff, making the water easier to sanitize and recycle for domestic uses. One thing that makes SedimenTrap™ unique is that it filters stormwater twice; as it enters and as it leaves the system.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Storm Water Management Practices: Pointers for Effective Home Systems

Installing permeable surfaces such as paving stones or bricks for patios and driveways would let the water seep into the ground. Planting trees and grass, as well as creating a rain garden in one’s backyard can also help in containing storm water. Choosing native plants for the lawn or garden is also a sound decision, as their roots are more suited for water retention. Other technology-enhanced systems can also help. For example; installing downspouts that funnel rainwater from the roof to specialized water containers, such as a StormChamber system, is an excellent option. Such state-of-the-art storm water management BMP is easy to use, cost-efficient, and can also help in mitigating one’s contribution to water runoff within the neighborhood.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Storm Water BMP: How Detention and Retention Ponds Benefit Communities

Communities that are located in areas where frequent rains occur may experience issues with the management of storm water runoff and flooding. To address this, man made ponds are built to help in collecting rainwater through connections to the community’s drainage system. These ponds are termed either detention ponds or retention ponds. Either one provides communities with storage space to trap rainwater and gradually release it to the environment. Usually, these ponds are surrounded by local vegetation that act as natural flood buffers. Apart from containing storm water, these ponds also serve as holding areas for various sediments that might eventually contaminate community water supplies and water systems.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Reducing Runoff: Stormwater Solutions Must Begin at Your Own Property

Much of the rainwater that goes into a community drainage system is conveyed from roofs by roof gutters. These gutters have downspouts that deliver the rainwater to the community sewer system. Disconnecting your downspout will direct the rainwater from your roof to your yard. If you’re worried that all the water would flood your property, consider adopting storm water solutions, such as a storm chamber. A storm chamber will act as storage for rainwater that goes into your property. Some chambers are big enough to clear your lot of all runoff as soon as the rain stops. Additionally, you may want to use pervious materials as pavement in your yard. This will direct the water these materials will absorb to the chamber.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Install Stormwater Systems to Reduce Pollution Caused by Flooding

A residential stormwater system, installed with the help of companies like Storm Chamber, can catch stormwater that flows through your roof gutters, and direct it through a system of ducts and pipes into a water chamber. These chambers come with a filtration system that separates the pollutants. Thus, you end up with clean water that you can use for such purposes as sprinkling the lawn or cleaning your car. Effective stormwater systems have been successful in minimizing community flooding which prevents pollutants from entering our water systems. Applied in smaller scales, homeowners like you can contribute to the preservation of the environment as well as the conservation of precious water resources.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Storm Water Management Practices May Help Save California from Drought

Among the proposed projects in the BDCP is stormwater capture, which is considered to be among the most effective stormwater best management practices. Providers like StormChambers can give residents in the Delta a hand by providing reliable storm water capturing and recycling solutions designed for both residential and commercial properties. Reusing runoffs for irrigation and landscape maintenance is an excellent storm water management practice. Against agricultural and urban water conservation efforts, the NDRC estimates that storm water capturing strategies can help provide California with 10.8 million to 13.7 million acre-feet of usable water per year.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Effective Stormwater BMPs Protect the Environment and Communities

Under different circumstances, dumping storm water runoff into the ocean isn’t a wise move because this can promote the growth of bacteria in the water system. A better solution would be enacting a stormwater BMP (best management practice) that not only reduces the risk of flooding, but protects the environment as well. Solutions from stormwater BMP experts like those at StormChambers are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, while keeping the best interests of people in mind. One such solution utilizes underground ‘detention’ systems that store large volumes of storm water runoff for a period of time. If used in conjunction with a sediment removal system, these detention systems serve to remove harmful organisms and elements from stormwater runoffs before they are pumped to nearby streams and lakes.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Efficient Stormwater Solutions to Solve Urban Runoff Pollution Problem

States like California rely in a large part on an agricultural economy, so it’s no surprise that fertilizers, insecticides and other crop chemicals also contribute to most of the cities’ pollution problem. The harmful chemicals get deposited into the soil, which then erodes or gets carried off by rain to rivers or lakes, polluting these bodies of water and endangering any life therein. Thanks to the efforts of city officials and private companies alike, today there are many reliable stormwater management solutions that establishments and cities can make use of. While it’s counterintuitive to cull progress, natural resources should always be taken care of.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How Storm Water Systems Work and the Current Environmental Initiative

Given the modern engineering marvels in many infrastructures, devising efficient stormwater systems would not be that far behind. In fact, there are existing systems that are both efficient and environment-friendly, which make use of soil instead of trees to trap stormwater. An example of such system is HydroLogic Solutions’ StormChamber® that can be utilized in residential or commercial areas. Using an aptly-designed network of pipelines and microorganisms in the soil as a natural filtration system, the outflow of water is managed and stored while pollutants in the water that could damage bodies of water are cleaned out.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Storm Water Management Saves Rainwater and Money for Those Dry Spells

The time of day you choose to water the garden matters greatly. It is advisable to water early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent evaporation. This gives the water time to seep down to your garden’s root level. Investing in storm water management BMP and energy-efficient appliances is good, but educating your household about the importance of conservation is even better. You’ll pat yourself on the back when you realize how much you’ve saved.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Quality Stormwater BMP: Solutions are within Your Reach, Seize the Day

When you have the opportunity to protect your household from the grey or black water that comprises storm water runoff, a provider of stormwater BMP such as HydroLogic Solutions is prepared to work things out with you. The company supplies the StormChamber®, a management tool for controlling storm water runoff. Signed by PA Gov. Tom Corbett as Act 123 of 2014, the SB1255 amends Title 53 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, which governs the responsibilities of municipal water planning authorities. Instead of the local government establishing special measures to guide property owners on storm water BMP, it empowers public or private property owners to do their own runoff mitigation measures. Some incentives can be offered for putting up these measures, which may include setting up rain gardens, adding pervious surfaces adjacent to other properties, or installing green roofs.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hempfield Township, PA in Urgent Need of Quality Stormwater Solutions

Hempfield Township’s main solution to the problem is maintaining about 25 storm water retention ponds scattered all around the locale to alleviate flooding and prevent sewage treatment plant overflow, especially during heavy rain. However, with an average of almost 39 inches of rain per year (U.S. average is barely 37 inches/annum) and 132 days of precipitation (32 days more than the national average), Hempfield Township residents can expect major environmental issues due to stormwater runoff if they don’t implement quality storm water solutions soon.

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Need for Stormwater Systems: On Urban Stormwater Runoff Pollution

Furthermore, the presence of chemicals and other noxious substances, which could contribute to lowering the pH levels of natural bodies of water, can cause health problems among plants and animals. Large pollutants like trash could end up suffocating fish and other animals that might ingest them. In short, urban water pollution through stormwater runoff can damage natural habitats and the overall health of the environment in more ways than you can imagine. If you want to help curb this problem, opt to invest in a reliable stormwater system like StormChamber® by HydroLogic Solutions, Inc. to ensure water quality and cleanliness in your immediate environment. This is a big step toward protecting our planet.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Call for Better Storm Water Management: Big Cities with Big Problems

The Danger These are just four of the ten major cities listed in the article, and if you browse other sources you’ll find many more places that have declining freshwater levels, like Tucson, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, and Los Angeles, CA. Be it because of population boom, pollution, or climate change, water shortage is an impending danger that should not be ignored. Storm Water Management Many private companies and environmental organizations are trying to find a way to maintain sustainable water sources in problem areas like the ones mentioned above. One strategy they are implementing are storm water management systems such as StormChamber® by firms like HydroLogic Solutions, Inc., which allow commercial and industrial establishments to effectively reuse storm water.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Growing Concern-Striking the Right Balance with Stormwater BMP Tools

A More Effective Stormwater Management System State and city governments must use every available option to protect and enhance their jurisdiction’s water supply. Due to growing environmental concerns, governments are putting more pressure on public and private entities to have efficient stormwater BMPs in place. Taking care of the trees is one way of managing runoff, and using better stormwater management products is another. Ensure Your Compliance Implementing a solid stormwater management system not only ensures that you comply with government mandates and protect yourself from running into unnecessary fees, it also means you are doing your part toward establishing a sustainable urban environment.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

EPA to City Governments: Implement Better Stormwater Solutions Today

While flooding is preventable through effective stormwater solutions, floodwaters are still regular problems for known flood-prone cities like Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as well as other locales throughout the nation. In fact, only a few inches of rain in the Baton Rouge area were needed last May 9th to fully submerge several streets in floodwaters, which was aggravated two days later when water levels rose even higher to fill up parking lots and make cars crawl through ponding water.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Flood-Prone Fayetteville, NC in Need of Stormwater Systems Upgrade

While floodwaters may regularly hamper basic commercial and public services in locales like Fayetteville, there are more reasons why efficient stormwater systems are crucial. According to the Human Services division of the State of New Jersey, the force of six-inch deep, swiftly moving floodwater can be strong enough to sweep people off their feet. Thus, proper stormwater management, which aims to prevent flooding and reduce water pollution, is vital to thriving communities.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Green Home Tips: Efficient Storm Water Management Begins at Your Lawn

Stormwater passes through your home, but eventually it will still be redirected back to rivers, lakes, and other natural bodies of water via your drainage system – as it does this, it may end up carrying waste, chemicals, pesticides, and other substances that might be harmful to the environment. Therefore, the goal of efficient stormwater management BMP solutions like StormChamber® by HydroLogic Solutions is to make sure that stormwater pollution is prevented as such systems regulate the flow of runoff, store water to avert flooding, and maintain water quality by filtering out the sediments. As a homeowner, you have a part to play in this as well – starting with what you do on your lawn.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Importance of Stormwater BMP: Taking a Cue from the CA Drought

Don’t let the problem of dirty or insufficient water supply burden your community – take a cue from California and start investing in a reliable storm water BMP system. The water you save from a rainstorm today could very well save you from a drought someday.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good Stormwater Solutions Can Stop Legal Trouble for Local Governments

Additionally, storm water can be a major source of pollution. Sewage and garbage join with storm water runoff and reach local water sources like streams and rivers. This can lead to environmental damage and a health hazard for the local community.

Well-made storm water solutions like those created by and others are effective ways to deal with the danger. Additionally, consulting with experts would help local governments avoid mistakes in construction and maintenance that could lead to lawsuits like the one mentioned above.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stormwater Systems Help Curb the Water Pollution Caused by Snowmelt

Many use stormwater chambers to store and treat runoff water, but there are concerns as to how much water they can hold, how well they can clean it, and how much the overall maintenance costs are. Fortunately, established companies like HydroLogic Solutions, Inc. have created a top-notch stormwater system called StormChamber® to help control water pollution.

For urban dwellers, rivers and oceans may be the last thing on their mind. However, snowmelt and stormwater runoff pollution not only threatens water bodies, but people as well. Fortunately, local governments can rely on industry-leading stormwater systems to ensure that water is properly filtered and treated before they reach bodies of water.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Western NY Conference to Tackle Storm Water Best Management Practices

He also noted that to do this, an array of solutions for storm water best management practices must be implemented. During his interview with Amherst Times, Poloncarz emphasizes the role of everyone in the preservation of environmental resources – and stormwater management is a critical tool.

The movement to protect the world’s remaining freshwater sources is stronger than ever, and statistical data from National Geographic supports this campaign. Only 0.007 percent of Earth’s waters are clean and fully-accessible to 6.8 billion people. Even worse, making full use of that tiny fraction is limited by the pollution caused by the same people who need it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Latest Federal Legislation to Govern Community-Based Stormwater BMPs

The legislation also points out its definition of “innovative stormwater control infrastructure” – any of numerous stormwater BMPs that uses “natural systems or engineered systems that mimic natural processes to infiltrate, evapotranspire, or capture stormwater; and preserves, enhances, or mimics natural hydrology to protect or restore water quality.”

Climate change has been churning out a lot more storms than the world has ever experienced in the past decades. The dreadful fact is, most of these storms are monumentally-devastating. In fact, Typhoon Haiyan – considered to be probably the strongest storm in recorded human history, might seem weaker than the ones soon to hit the world’s shores

Monday, January 27, 2014

How Effective Stormwater Solutions Can Turn a Dire Situation Around

To help curb floods and pollution caused by stormwater runoffs, communities must look into efficient solutions that provide exceptional storage and detention capabilities. Go for a system that offers more water capacity compared to what most providers offer. Furthermore, go for something that offers flexibility which means being able to adapt and operate in pervious or non-pervious types of soils.

Additionally, there are companies like HydroLogic Solutions that offer StormChamber, one of the few cost-effective storm water solutions equipped with the latest technologies and that meet zero discharge standards. Problems like stormwater can be resolved with the right approach and a formula of topnotch equipment and full cooperation from the community.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Going Down the Drain: What Effective Stormwater Systems Can Really Do

Meanwhile, some systems act as detention basins where water is gathered and eventually dried up before the next storm arrives. Though there are many companies offering a stormwater system which they claim to be the most effective, there are crucial factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right provider.

Go for trusted companies that offer solutions which are competitively-priced and yet maintain high quality standards. There are providers like HydroLogic Solutions which offer less expensive options that are easy to install, environment-friendly, and sure to get the job done. A system such as StormChamber® from the said provider is an alternative management tool for the control of water runoff.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Storm Water Management Practices Face New Regulations from the EPA

The new proposed regulations are particularly focused on the implementation of performance standards for new and redeveloped sites of construction projects. In addition, they will create a single set of stormwater best management practices for all municipal separate sewer systems.

These include retrofitting existing infrastructure with advanced rainwater control measures such as those provided by HydroLogic Solutions, who offer advanced StormChamber® water management technologies.

Friday, January 24, 2014

$22.9M in Grants for Stormwater BMP Helps Reduce Pollution in Virginia

Nitrogen is the other pollutant that comes with stormwater runoff which is also a key ingredient in fertilizers. Excess amounts of bioavailable nitrogen in aquatic systems leads to algae blooms that can poison the water due to toxins produced by the algae, as well as deplete oxygen levels.

One of the main goals of the approved projects is to reduce levels of phosphorus and nitrogen, which Virginia is already a leader in since this problem has come to the public’s attention. Now with extra funds being put toward greater improvements in stormwater BMPS, even better water quality is possible.