Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Poor Storm Water Management Results in Many Waterborne Health Hazards

The Hudson River is an important watercourse serving as the gateway to mainland New York up north. Ships frequently pass through the river, allowing trade and tourism to reach inland, especially the state capital of Albany. As of late, however, the Hudson has been limited to shipping; Casey Tolan of the New York Daily News reports that its days of being a hot swimming spot are all but over. Water samples picked up and analyzed by Columbia University microbiologists detected significant traces of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the so-called “superbugs.” These bacteria have developed strong immunity to antibiotics over time, rendering a number of those on the market ineffective. Swimming in the Hudson, especially with an open wound, increases the chances of getting the superbug. Experts believe methods such as proper storm water management could have prevented this problem from getting worse.

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