Friday, December 13, 2013

Utilizing Storm Water Systems Can Prevent Algal Blooms in Water Bodies

"The main problem with runoff is that it is untreated, meaning all the nutrients it possesses are fed directly into water bodies. For this reason, many municipalities install stormwater systems as a best management practice when it comes to dealing with runoff. For example, Hydrologic’s StormChamber system function as underground water containers where rain and flood water can drain into, thus preventing run off. It has a special system that traps sediments, which act as carriers of nutrients like phosphorus. Whatever nutrient or pollutant is left behind will be decomposed by the naturally occurring micro-organisms in the stone and soil layer beneath the StormChamber. Lakes provide people with water, food, recreation, and a source of tourism, and caring for them should be of utmost importance. Fortunately, storm water systems protect lakes and other bodies of water from the havoc that algal blooms can bring."

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