Friday, August 22, 2014

Quality Stormwater BMP: Solutions are within Your Reach, Seize the Day

When you have the opportunity to protect your household from the grey or black water that comprises storm water runoff, a provider of stormwater BMP such as HydroLogic Solutions is prepared to work things out with you. The company supplies the StormChamber®, a management tool for controlling storm water runoff. Signed by PA Gov. Tom Corbett as Act 123 of 2014, the SB1255 amends Title 53 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, which governs the responsibilities of municipal water planning authorities. Instead of the local government establishing special measures to guide property owners on storm water BMP, it empowers public or private property owners to do their own runoff mitigation measures. Some incentives can be offered for putting up these measures, which may include setting up rain gardens, adding pervious surfaces adjacent to other properties, or installing green roofs.

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