Monday, October 27, 2014

Lack of Efficient Stormwater Systems Can Lead to Serious Consequences

The penalties may sound a bit stiff but the water board is only carrying out its duties, as mandated by the federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act). This legislation is quite strict, stating that stormwater systems in every state should be designed to minimize erosion and sediment discharge, along with other criteria needing to be met for the public’s safety. Scientifically developed systems like StormChamber’s SedimenTrap™ can help meet such strict criteria with better efficiency. This kind of system catches sediment, pollutants, and particulates from storm runoff, making the water easier to sanitize and recycle for domestic uses. One thing that makes SedimenTrap™ unique is that it filters stormwater twice; as it enters and as it leaves the system.

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