Sunday, November 10, 2013

Clearing Out Sediments: How Effective Stormwater Systems Can Help

"While urban forests have been seen as a viable solution, another way to manage stormwater is by constructing stormwater systems that allow water to flow into chambers where they are filtered for sediments. Water flows down from drains in areas where water might pool and arrive in a catch basin where larger sediments are collected before it continues to flow. Then, the water passes through pipes where pollutant traps are set up to serve as filters. Having an effective stormwater system can help in keeping bodies of water clean and thriving for people to enjoy. Many companies like HydroLogic Solutions, Inc. offer low-cost and effective solutions, such as their StormChambers, for managing stormwater runoff as well as other methods to treat and reuse rainwater for many residential and commercial purposes."

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