Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Role of Efficient Stormwater Systems: Countering Water Pollution

In order to prevent this problem from escalating, long-lasting stormwater systems need to be put in place. This type of system prevents flooding and removes pollutants from before they become part of the main source for drinking water. Without storm water systems, the stormwater runoff will be forced to flow into the nearest body of water without treatment. This means that the water will be contaminated with pollutants including pet wastes, pesticide, litter, gasoline or anything that can be dissolved or swept away by water. Two types of reliable storm water systems are commonly used, namely the retention and the detention systems. The former is designed to allow water to seep through the ground without directly discharging it to natural water bodies while the latter, being the most recognizable system, allows material to settle and be absorbed.

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